BioSuisse... because you're worth it!

01 Aug 2020
A pledge to quality

BioSuisse... because you're worth it!
When our project was conceived, BioSuisse certification was not a question but a prerequisite. After all, by directly and and concretely experiencing the application of the BioSuisse specifications on our own farm, it was clear that BioCow  would follow the same path.

Did you know
Nothing is taken for granted... everything is constantly being questioned. Every year, the farms are subject to strict monitoring by an independent BioSuisse montoring company? Only when they have successfully passed all the requiremets of the BioSuisse specifications do they receive the certification, which is valid for one year. This guarantees that the farms, animals meadows and farmers are constantly updated and adapted.

The balance between man, nature and animals
It is an obvious, constant and demanding challenge, but how enriching it is to

  • work without hormones, additives or preventive antibiotics
  • renounce synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • not use any genetic manipulation
  • provide optimal space and healthy feed for our livestock

What an adventure
Sometimes we have to invent, try out new things or reappropriate techniques or tricks from our old ones in order to be able to manage certain challenges related to all these requirements. And it is with conviction, know-how, love and professionalism that our farming families deal with all of these challenges.

Our conviction is that each one of us, at his or her own level,  pace and with respect, can contribute on his or her own scale to a better world.

Your BioCow Team

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